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What is wellsr Q&A

We created wellsr Q&A to help you answer specific questions related to your VBA and Python projects. Simply ask your questions and get answers, tips and tutorials from the VBA experts in our community. 

What's in it for you?

Our points system rewards you with a chance for free gifts based on the quality of your questions and/or answers. Users that ask great questions, may be given complimentary gift cards or training material.

You'll unlock different milestones based on your interactions with the community. Points will be awarded for things like voting, asking questions, and answering questions from others. The more points you get, the higher your title. As your title grows, you'll be eligible for free gifts and prizes. Everybody starts with 0 points.

  • Beginner - 0 points
  • Skilled - 250 points
  • Expert - 750 points
  • Super Expert - 1,500 points

Anytime you have a question, visit https://ask.wellsr.com. Once here, search for an existing answer using our search box. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, click the "Ask a Question" button and submit your own.

If you're just interested in browsing the latest questions and providing value where you can, click the VBA and Python buttons on the top navigation bar. By offering two languages, you have the opportunity to earn double the points.

How to post questions

If you can't find an answer to your question, click the "Ask a Question" button at the top of the page. To control spam, you'll need to register and confirm your email address to submit a question.

When entering code snippets, please use the "Insert Code Snippet" button in the editor. This is typically the button on the far right of the editor frame. There's a reminder at the top of the submission form in case you forget.

If you have a VBA question, select "VBA" from the "Category" dropdown menu. If it's a Python question, select "Python." We also have an "Other" category. This category is useful for things like generic Excel questions or general programming questions. To keep everybody on topic, you're required to select one of these three options.

Here are some examples of our VBA and Python syntax highlighters.

VBA Code Snippet:

Sub VBA_Demo()
Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To 100
    If i = 50 Then
        Range("A" & i) = 50 * i
    End If
Next i
End Sub

Python Code Snippet

x = 12
if [x == 12]:
elif [x > 10]:
> 'a'

I hope you enjoy wellsr Q&A! Let's earn some points, get free prizes, and build a fun and helpful community together.


Ryan Wells

by Expert (916 points)
Thanks a lot for all great ideas and congratulations to this new and required section
by Beginner (5 points)
I've benefitted alot from your website and welcome this section with heartfelt joy.

Thanks and keep up the excellence!
by Beginner (4 points)
What is the difference between questions with blue boxes and green boxes. I've guessed that red boxes indicate no replies yet.
by Super Expert (3.2k points)
Great question! A green box means an answer has been marked "best answer." A blue box means the question has been answered but the person asking the question hasn't marked the answer as "best answer." It's a good practice for those asking questions to make sure they mark the answer that helps resolve their question.

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