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Hello everyone

It seems the question is simple but I couldn't figure it out,

I need to insert a picture without resizing the picture and the insertion would be at specific cell as start point.

What I have found is to insert picture 

With ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(sPath)
    .Left = 110
    .Top = 220
    .Width = 123
    .Height = 134
End With

But I don't want to change any property that's a point. Another one is to specify a cell to be the first cell for the inserted picture

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Try this:

With ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(sPath)
    .Left = rCell.Left
    .Top = rCell.Top
    .Placement = xlMove
End With

where rCell is the first cell for the inserted picture.

Here is the XlPlacement Enum:
xlFreeFloating = 3, Object is free floating.
xlMove = 2, Object is moved with the cells.
xlMoveAndSize = 1, Object is moved and sized with the cells.

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Thank you very much for this perfect solution ..

Simple and working well as expected

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