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I need help in creating a macro. We maintain hours worked by each of team members daywise in columns and we have lot of calculations build based on this sheet. One of our client is asking to submit the hours in their template which is Team, Resource and date wise hours in rows. I have attached a sample base sheet and target sheet, although it has only two are three members in each team we have around 50 team members and that make bit complicated to manual do this. Request your help in creating this macro which can create the file based on the hours from Base Sheet after every month end for the previous month.

enter image description here enter image description here

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Can you post sample workbook?

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Before looking at a macro solution - just a thought - why not look at a pivot table to produce this.

                                    Columns Dates  Group By Day , Month

Rows Team                 Values Hours

Rows Name


Best regards

Mike H
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Agree with the suggestion re: pivot tables. Personally I like the Classic View (but then I put it down to an aversion to change!)

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