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I have VBA code behind an application that calls a website url where the website requires authentication to access and the authentication comes in the form of a a Windows Security pop-up box, not imbedded web elements.  So I created a logon.vbs script to login to the website and am attempting to call the script by using Shell "Explorer.exe""C:\Temp\Logon.vbs""",1 but it does not seem to be running the vbs file.  The Windows security pop-up box appears and if I manually run the vbs file it's using sendkeys to send the login information and will run just fine, but if I run my application which calls the webpage and then attempts to call the vbs file, the vbs script never sends the sendkey information over to the pop-up.  Looking for ideas on why the vbs file is not executing.

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Instead of 

    Shell "Explorer.exe""C:\Temp\Logon.vbs"""

try this

    Dim oShell As Object
    Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    oShell.Run "C:\Temp\Logon.vbs", nHide

where nHide = 0 to hide the Shell window or nHide = 1 to show it.
If you still have trouble, you can set the default path before oShell.Run using 
    oShell.CurrentDirectory = ...


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