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Hello everyone

I am confused of how to use True and False in the sum process ...

I mean for example: In the immediate window if I typed 2 + True I got 1 >> I expect to get three as True equals to 1 but I got 1

At the same time I tried in the immediate window to type 2 + False and I got 2 >> and this is logical for me as False equals to 0 so 2 + 0 = 2


Any idea?

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I have searched and found this link


It seems that True equals to -1 in VBA not equals to 1 as in using it in worksheet. So it is now logical for me

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That is correct! Although it's atypical, the Boolean True equals -1 in VBA, VB.NET and Visual Basic
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Thank you very much my tutor.
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I had to do something similar a while back and found that using Abs(True) fixed the issue for me. That gave me the value of +1 that I needed.
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The currently selected answer explains WHY the behavior exists, but I like this practical answer better. :)

Probably because I do the same thing!



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