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Let say I have a class module name A.

In A I define a member variable of type Scripting.Dictionary.

For example:
Public currentRowList As Scripting.Dictionary

and in Class_Initialize():
Set currentRowList = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

Then I create an object of of class A.
Dim a1 as A: set a1 = new A

Now I want to do as follows:
a1.currentRowList("key") = 1

From some reason I get the following error:
Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment.

The question is why I'm getting this error and how can I set the dictionary field.

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I prefer early binding for Dictionary. In VBA Editor, pick Tools > References > Microsoft Scripting Runtime. 

Make your Class A like this:

Public currentRowList As Scripting.Dictionary
Private Sub Class_Initialize()
Set currentRowList = New Scripting.Dictionary
End Sub

Now put this in a standard module:

Sub test()
Dim a1 As A: Set a1 = New A
'use the Add method
a1.currentRowList.Add "key", 1
'or use a1.currentRowList.Item("key") = 1
'but not a1.currentRowList("key") = 1
Debug.Print a1.currentRowList.Keys(0), _
    a1.currentRowList.Items(0), _
End Sub

The tutorial Excel VBA Dictionary Keys and Items uses statements like 
dict("Alice") = "555-778-0131"
which are OK if Item is the default property of dict. But this does not work when your Dictionary is defined in a class module. The tutorial would be more correct if such statements were changed to 
dict.Item("Alice") = "555-778-0131"


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Thanks for your answer, but still I can't use it since I also need to change an existing value for a pecific key. How do I do that?
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Did you try this?
a1.currentRowList.Item("key") = 1

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Yes. It works this way just fine:-)

Many thanks man!

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