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Hi all

I was hoping someone might have a solution to a problem I have.

Previously, I had a macro that would help me split files (so each row on the source excel file would become a file of its own), save the file as a pdf in a specified directory, and then rename the files (filename taken from the source excel). It was all working very well, until they upgraded our systems and disabled all macros. No amount of pleading to reeanable macros have worked, so at the moment I am mail merging and saving and renaming each file manually.

We are not able to install other software on our systems. Is there a "native" way via DOS or PowerShell or VBS that might be able to help me with this? Last year alone, I had to hit that button close to 180 times so I don't know how I will be able to manage life without that macro.... :'(

Would appreciate any insight / he/p !


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Hi Thales,

That's horrifying. I have several ideas, from wild to possibly doable.

  • Ask IT what's the difference between Excel VBA macros and potentially dangerous Powershell, DOS or VBScripts running on your machine? (That made me shake my head.)
  • If you have access to the web, AND if you can figure out how to remotely access your home PC...heh-heh, problem solved, right?
  • If you have access to the web, but no way to remotely access your PC, see if you can use Google sheets. Learn how to create connections to your local files and folders, as well as how to emulate the banned macro in GoogleScript. Check this blog for inspiration: Hero Scripts
  • How well do you know Powershell? This may actually be the path to solving your problem. Check this out! How to convert Office Document to PDF
  • Tell your boss you refuse to mash a button 180 times because of the recalcitrant folks in IT :)

Although this response seems frivolous, I think that brainstorming (No idea is bad), has a valuable place in problem-solving. Good Luck!!!






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