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Years ago, I bought a book, took a free course on PluralSight and installed Python 3 according to the recommendations of the Instructor. I had a lot of fun learning the basics and getting past "Hello, World."

When I bought a new laptop, I never got around to cloning that setup. Now, if I want to get back into Python and try some of the cool stuff Ryan shares in his newsletter, what would you recommend?

I recall that my setup had a nice interactive window, where I could just type the command and see the results. I want to be able to do that, as well as create, run and debug .py scripts.

This is just for fun, I don't want to become a Python Ninja, unless Microsoft suddenly decides to support it in VBA. LOL



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I'm also interested in hearing the responses to this! 

I like using Visual Studio in my Windows 10 platform, but it's really big if you're only going to use it for Python. Visual Studio Code is a lighter alternative. I've also heard great things about PyCharm as an IDE, but I haven't checked it out - it might be a good free option, though! 

It sounds like your previous setup may have used something like Eclipse paired with PyDev. I know PyDev comes with an interactive Python console so that might be another route to take.

Here's a great guide that talks about the pros and cons of some Python IDEs and Code Editors: https://realpython.com/python-ides-code-editors-guide/. I found it very helpful when comparing all the options!

I hope this helps!

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Thanks, Ryan. Since I already use VS 2017, that's an option. I'm going to mark your answer, but I hope others contribute additional resources.

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