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I have a excel spreedsheet that has totals that do not get updated when I insert a new row of data. I need to manually change 8 different totals manually once a new row is added. An example would be the formula  "=D280-D283" which is in my total information but the "D280" row is not in my total row.. Each time I add a new row the "D280" must be manually updated by 1 to "D281". If it is "D281" it would be updated to "D282" etc.Since I am changing totals which move down the page by one with each new row I add, i will need a Relative Reference VBA.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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Hi hmblaisdell,

You don't mention what, if anything, happens to the "D283". will the formula become


in other words, is there always a three-cell distance between those?

Also, an example workbook would be helpful, to visualize why D280 is "not in the total row".

Before attempting to use VBA (which seems overly-complicated), can you try any of the following?

  • Convert the D column to a table, then use table references, which are relative. Bonus: the total updates automatically
  • Use the SUM function, with an arbitrarily large ending, SUM(D1:D999)
  • A combination of COUNT and SUM functions, for subtraction and other totals.

If VBA is needed, would you want the total triggered each time the sheet changes, or would you prefer to click a button to refresh all totals at once?





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I have created an example spreadsheet with my problem but I cannot figure out how to attach it to an email. Any suggestions?

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Hi Harold,

Sorry for the late reply. Are you able to take screen shots of the worksheet? Windows has a Snip tool, or you could use any free screen capture software. If you can "annotate" the worksheet, either in Excel itself or via the screen capture tool, that would help us.

@Ryan Are we allowed to upload workbooks as attachments?




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I have my problem fixed. I completely erased my totals and made these totals part of my original VBA code. Keep in mind that I do not know VBA, I just created a relative reference macro. So now when I add a new line to the macro, the totals are completely erased and then re-added. Because I used relative reference everything now works properly.

thanks for offering to help

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You're welcome. I'm glad you were able to solve your challenge.

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