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in VBA by Beginner (23 points)

Are all event macros private sub? Or are there any event macros which are public sub?

1 Answer

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by Skilled (401 points)
That returns to your needs

Sometimes you need to create a macro for specific module only so you make it Private

But if you need to make other modules to see that macro or you need to call it from other modules, you have to make it public.
by Beginner (23 points)
You mean to say event macros can be public sub?
by Skilled (401 points)
Worksheet events are private and also Workbook_Open event ..

But I think you can call those events with special ways
by Beginner (23 points)
My question still survives:

Are all event macros private sub?
by Skilled (401 points)
I think all event macros are private by default..

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