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Hi there again

I was hoping to draw on the forum's expertise again.

Is it possible to create a script that will:
a. search the internet for strings in Cells A1&B1&C1 in worksheet A
b. copy the Google output at the top (usually in a white box at the top of the results) into worksheet B as text only
c. copy only the value from Cell G1 in worksheet B into Cell D1 back in worksheet B
d. search the next row in worksheet A - rows will always vary so cannot fix :(

At the moment, I've just done this manually. The only "dumb smart" bit is that fixed formula in Worksheet B that gives me the correct values (the D1 cell that I'm copying values only in step c above), but everything else is done manually.

I tried to "learn" the macro by pressing record and had hoped to modify the recorded code, but unfortunately, the macro does not record outside of Excel (or am I doing something wrong?!) so I don't even know what the coding looks like to get it to work :(

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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