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I have another question regarding the tutorial https://wellsr.com/vba/2017/excel/beautiful-vba-progress-bar-with-step-by-step-instructions/.

The progressbar is working flawlessly.  However, when using a dual screen setup, I see the following:

  • When the Excel workbook runs on the main screen (primary monitor, located on the right) then the progress bar is nicely centered in the middle of the Excel sheet when running, whatever the size of the Excel workbook (full screen or reduced view)
  • But when the Excel workbook is running on the secondary screen then the progress bar is locked against the left side of the primary (right) monitor, like shown in the picture below:

    Progress bar is blocked at side of screen.

    The green square represents the secondary (left) monitor, the red square represents the primary (right) monitor.
  1. What's the reason the progress bar is blocked on the primary screen and doesn't appear on the secondary screen?
  2. Is there any way to get the progress bar always in the middle of the Excel workbook, whatever the location of the workbook?


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Voce tera que determinar em qual ecra deve aparecer a barra do progresso, ou entao altera configuracao  da apresentacao do ecra
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Well, this is not exactly the answer I'm expecting to see.

I can't force the user of my spreadsheet to make sure the spreadsheet is on the main display.  Nor can I for sure not asking her/him to change the screen settings.  This is a user-unfriendly solution.

I know there's some "magic" used in the example progress code in this sample by using specific Windows API's but I'm too unfamiliar with them to see a solution for the problem...

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