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I have a financial journal with three basic columns.

`1 Expense/Income

2 Debit

3 Credit

The journal is populated from the accounting system and contains entries which are not known to the capturer and threfore puts all unknown entroies (debits and credits into this Journal.

Once the entry is resolved, say it was a credit then the account gets debited in this journal and credited in the correct one. Now we have the same value in debit and in credit. I would like to run a vb script to identify duplicates in the two columns and the delete both rows.

I have tried it but when I go into the first column Put the value into variable, go to the next column anf find the same value. If Found the row in the second column is deleted then return to the first column and delete that row. My problem was whenni got to a nill cell in the first column the script seized


Can you give me basic guid line


thank you


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Hi Hannes,

Since you have an almost-working script, can you paste it into this forum so that we can see what's going on? I have a few observations, from what you've written:

  • Since this involves deleting rows, are you working from the bottom row to the top? If your loop goes from 1 to 100, for example, if row 1 has a match with any later row, when the loop counter arrives at that row (later, of course), the row will be blank.
  • Even if you are shifting rows up to eliminate blank rows, each deletion means that you will have fewer than 100 rows to look at, so when the loop counter gets near the end, it will encounter the empty rows that used to be row 101, row 102, etc.
  • In accounting, what is the purpose of this deletion? Is this what is meant by account reconciliation? I'm asking because I was wondering if it would be simpler to have a 4th column with an "R" placed for each entry that had matching debit and credit (I vaguely remember this from my days of puttering around with GnuCash.)

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Hannes Beginner coloca o codigo para a gente ver se consegui ajudar

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