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personal bas file
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BAS file is the exported module

If you right-click the module and selected "Export" then you can save the module (either it was Standard module or UserForm module or Class module) to any location you specify

And may be personal related to PERSONAL workbook where you can store your VBA codes.
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What does BAS stand for? what is its full form?
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BAS is a file extension for a source code file format used by BASIC (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instructional Code), an early programming language that is still among the simplest and most popular of programming languages.

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Hi Sandeep.. good question. Your personal macro workbook file is named PERSONAL.XLSB and is stored in XLSTART. When EXCEL starts, it is opened as a hidden workbook and therefore makes any macros stored in it available to any open workbook during the session. BAS is the file extension for a source code file used in the BASIC programming language. When you export a module from the VBE, it will be stored as ModuleName.bas. So, if you export your personal macro workbook, it will be stored in the location of your choice as PERSONAL.BAS. You can then archive it for security or use it to import your personal macro workbook macros from one computer to another. This is my best answer to what I understand to be your question. I hope it helps. Good luck!

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