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I have two sheets 
1. Output
2. Data

  •  i need to get the product code in Output sheet using VLOOKUP from Data sheet till LROW. (If Product code is not available in Data sheet cell should be blank in Output sheet)
  • add total amount in output sheet from Data sheet using SUMIFS till LROW.
Thank you !Test

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You do not need VBA for this. You have already outlined the formulas for Output sheet.
by Beginner (26 points)
Yes,  formula will help to complete the above steps, but I'm looking for VBA for this to auto mate one repetitive task, as i have huge data and i have to do some other validation after these steps.

Thank you !
by Expert (911 points)
Just a suggestion: Put the formulas in Output sheet, then use VBA for "some other validation."

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