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I have a workbook which contain ONLY 1 sheet named as "Master Sheet". On Master Sheet there is a list of 5 names, as

(Actually I have total 400 names, but for easiness I have taken only 5)

Now, my requiremet is:
1. I want to create 5 tabs (Sheets) on the basis of these 5 names. (Now the workbook will have 6 tabs, including Master Sheet)

2. Tab name should be dynamic. Means, if I change the value of A1 from 'ANUJ' to 'SHONA' on Master Sheet, then the "ANUJ" tab should automatically be renamed as "SHONA", without going to the tab "ANUJ". (Because going to 400 tabs to make it "ActiveSheet" is very much time consuming)

3. Each tab should be linked with the corresponding list name, that is, If I click on "A1" (ANUJ) on Master Sheet, the tab (Sheet) "ANUJ" will be opened.

4. Also, this linking should be dynamic, that is, if I change the name "ANUJ" as "SHONA" on Master Sheet, the tab "ANUJ" will be renamed as "SHONA" and remain linked with Cell A1 of Master Sheet.

5. If I delete the content of A1 (ANUJ), i.e, if cell A1 is blank, the corresponding sheet "ANUJ" should hide automatically.

In simple lines,
I want a workbook which contain
- dynamic sheet name (without going to the sheet (VBA code without "ActiveSheet")
- dynamic hyperlink
- auto hide feature for any sheet

Thanks in advance!

I'm a counsellor and preparing a Record of all students. If someone helps, I'll really be grateful. Please help if possible.

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