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I have created a macro which can be started via clicking on a command button. It requests a password to get into an "admin" worksheet. This part works fine.

Now, I linked a "secret" shortcut to this macro. My goal is, to come into the admin sheet via this shortcut, without typing in a password.

The question, how can I differentiate, if the macro was started via clicking on the button or via the shortcut...

I can look which command button has started the macro with Application.Caller, but is it possible to register a shortcut-start?

Thanks for any comments.

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Hi future profi,

You hit the nail on the head! Application.Caller [link] can do what you need. While it can't detect what key combination was clicked, you don't need that information. It will return "Error" if the macro wasn't called by a shape object, range or formula.

If you check out the link from Microsoft, you'll even see a code snippet that you can drop into your password-protected macro.

Here is a bit of code you can study. It includes the snippet:

Option Explicit

Public Sub ButtonClick()

    Dim v As String
    Select Case TypeName(Application.Caller)
        Case "Range"
            v = Application.Caller.Address
            Call AskForPassword
        Case "String"
            v = Application.Caller
            Call AskForPassword
        Case "Error"
            v = "Error"
            Call ProtectedMacro
        Case Else
            v = "unknown"
            Call AskForPassword
    End Select

MsgBox "caller = " & v

End Sub

Private Sub AskForPassword()

    ' Your code for getting password
    Dim Guess As String
    Guess = InputBox("Enter Password", "Halt! Who Goes There?")
    If Guess = "Open Sesame" Then
        Call ProtectedMacro
        MsgBox "Accessed Denied! Be Gone!", vbCritical, "Unauthorized Attempt"
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub ProtectedMacro()

    MsgBox "You're In", vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "Secret Passage"
End Sub





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Thanks, Mitch!

BR, Gyuri
by Skilled (477 points)
Glad to help. Plus, I learned something from you, too. :)

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