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I've had a problem since I moved to Excel 2016, my Wells Pro add-in doesn't appear.  It shows in my Excel Add-ins, but there's no ribbon tab, it doesn't show in my VBA projects, I have no way to get to any of the functionality.  Today I got an Update email from Ryan, downloaded the update and ran through the entire installation.  No problems, just no difference.  Nada, zip.  The add-in might as well not exist.
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Just Asking to confirm:

The Update wllsPRO.04 is the same version 1.1.3?  (but with new Patch?)

I had the release 1.1.3  I downloaded the wellsPRO.04 and installed it.

I check the Update option and it said that I have Release 1.1.3

That is correct?,

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Yep, I kept version at 1.1.3 since it's functionally the same as the other version, just with that bit of dead code commented out. I had to keep the versions the same to prevent some download issues for a few users running a "no update" version of the code.

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Dang it! Thanks for letting me know. Let's try these steps:

  1. Open Excel and go to File > Options
  2. Click Add-ins on the left bar
  3. See where the wellsrPRO add-in is saved. The screen should look like this:
  4. Close Excel, then go to that folder and DELETE the wellsPRO add-in.
  5. Re-open Excel
  6. The add-in should (hopefully) be removed from the list
  7. Try installing the wellsrPRO add-in again from scratch using the installation instructions.
I'm really sorry about all this, jomili.
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Well, we made SOME progress.  In my VBA editor I can now see the WellsPro project.  But still no ribbon tab, no way to get in to use the add-in, and no warning messages that anything is amiss.
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Under the File > Options > Add-ins screen, is the add-in listed as "active" or "inactive?" It might be better to rename the file something else so Excel recognizes it as a new add-in and isn't corrupted by the old version that's not working.

Before doing that, go to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings. Under Add-ins, make sure all the boxes are unchecked. Then, under Macro Settings, make "Disable all macros without notification" is not enabled. After that, go to Trusted Locations and add a new location pointing to wherever you have the wellsrPRO add-in saved.

Restart Excel after following those steps and see if it works.  If it doesn't work, you can save the add-in in one of the XLSTART folders in the Trusted Locations section described above. That will trigger it to open each time Excel starts. This solution should work. Fingers crossed! Keep me posted!
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Okay, It IS showing as "Active", and it IS showing in my VBA Projects.  I tried it in my XLSTART earlier today and it showed in my VBA Projects.  However, nothing I do gets the Tab to show up.

On "Trusted Locations", looks like IT has turned that off.  I can't add a "Trusted Location", but if you think that will help I can contact my IT guy.  Please advise.
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If you've tried placing it in one of the XLSTART folders, that ought to have the same effect as adding a new Trusted Location, so I wouldn't worry about getting IT involved for that issue.

What I might get IT to check, though, is that they don't have a Group Policy Setting that is preventing add-ins from being loaded properly. Here's an article that describes the group policy setting that can cause this issue. 

Excel Campus also has a guide and video with more ways to fix a ribbon disappearing on launch. I think we've tried most of those tactics, but it might be worth looking at again to see if there's a nuance somewhere that we missed. I have a feeling it's a Group Policy Setting, though.

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