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Your recent tutorial VBA MsgBox Yes No Options is interesting, but how can I change the button labels from Yes, No, Cancel, etc. to something more appropriate to my application?

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MsgBox with advanced options:

You can adjust the text of the buttons.
You can use rich text, adjust text size, text color and background on each word individually.
You can show a checkbox for "Do not show this message again".
It is possible to determine whether a beep will be heard.
It is possible to determine whether the user will be able to copy the content of the message.
You can determine how long it will take for the buttons to become available.

Note! It's for Access, I'm not versed in Excel so I have no idea how to fit it into Excel, if anyone knows I would love to hear about it


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Thank you. That is very interesting. I will consider application to Excel.
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I forgot to mention that in a message with rich text you can also add a list with bullets or a numbered list.
In addition, the number of characters is not limited.
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I have considered Renaud Bompuis' EnhancedMsgBox for application to Excel. It uses an unbound Access Form. Unfortunately, I can't find a convenient method for conversion of the Access Form class to an Excel UserForm. Maybe someone else has experience with that.

The EnhancedMsgBox has impressive features, but are those features really necessary in a practical Excel application? The M_MsgBoxCustom module of My Excel Toolbox provides the following limited but useful features: 

  • Custom button labels
  • A modeless MsgBox with optional followup procedure
  • A timed MsgBox (Popup)

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