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Hi guys

How would I get the following to work? I have a list and was hoping to check if a worksheet name has a match in Column A of the list and get the corresponding in B.

At the moment, all I can think of is doing it name by name.

Sheets("One").Name = "OneNewOne"

Only issue is it might get rather long and I might miss something. Can someone please help?

Much appreciated!

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If I understand, the active sheet has existing sheet names in column A and new sheet names in column B. You want a macro that will rename each sheet listed in column A using the new name listed in column B. If the sheet in column A does not exist in the active workbook or the new name in column B is blank, it will be skipped.

Sub RenameSheets()
' assume ActiveSheet has sheet names and renames
' assume sheet names in column A (1) and renames in column B (2)
' assume row 1 is a header and names begin in row 2
    Dim sName As String, sRename As String, msg As String
    Dim lastRow As Long, n As Long
    lastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
    msg = vbNullString
    On Error Resume Next
    For n = 2 To lastRow
        sName = Cells(n, 1)
        sRename = Trim(Cells(n, 2))
        If sRename <> vbNullString Then Sheets(sName).Name = sRename
        If Err Then msg = msg & vbNewLine & sName
    Next n
    If msg <> vbNullString Then MsgBox "Could not rename:" & msg
End Sub

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