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I see in this section a lot of great functions declared by DLLs, and I wonder how to detect them? Where can I get a list of all those functions? How can I create one?

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You can start with Microsoft's Programming Reference for the Win32 API.

Dennis Wallentin's Windows API Viewer for MS Excel can be used to search for a function by keyword. For example, you might search for functions related to monitor or printer or desktop. When you find one that looks interesting, you can use Google to search for the related Microsoft documentation.

My Excel Toolbox includes a module named M_WinAPI that has a limited set of Windows API declarations for use by other procedures in the toolbox project.

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In "Microsoft's Programming Reference for the Win32 API", I can not find examples or explanations for Visual Basic, only for C and C ++

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Please don't shout.

The Microsoft documents for Win32 API procedures use .NET nomenclature for Syntax but also define Parameters and Return Values. You must translate the Syntax using a VBA Declare statement. See this recent VBA Q&A  discussion for more on that subject.

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