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There's said to use the IsEmpty() function to check if the content of a cell is empty.  However, I have a case where this test fails (that is, IsEmpty() returns False while the cell is empty).

IsEmpty(.Cells(currentRow, columnDict(dlgIconPopup))) = True returns False

.Cells(currentRow, columnDict(dlgIconPopup)) = "" returns True (which it should)

Why is IsEmpty() not catching ""?



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This function returns true in any kind of void

' True if the argument is Nothing, Null, Empty, Missing or an empty string .
' http://blog.nkadesign.com/2009/access-checking-blank-variables/
Public Function IsBlank(arg As Variant) As Boolean
    Select Case VarType(arg)
        Case vbEmpty
            IsBlank = True
        Case vbNull
            IsBlank = True
        Case vbString
            IsBlank = LenB(arg) = 0
        Case vbObject
            IsBlank = (arg Is Nothing)
        Case Else
            IsBlank = IsMissing(arg)
    End Select
End Function


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