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Je dispose de deux fichiers
1- liste des SITE_LTE avec cordonnées GPS
2- Liste des utilisateurs avec cordonnées GPS
Je cherche une sorte de moulinette : "avec ou sans code VBA " qui va permettre de calculer la distance la plus proche entre chaque SITE_LTE et utilisateurs et rattaché chaque Site au utilisateur le plus proche. Sache que le nombre d'utilisateurs et plus grand que les sites.
Merciiiiiiii d'avance.


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Google translation:
I have two files
1- list of SITE_LTE with GPS coordinates
2- List of users with GPS coordinates
I am looking for a sort of mill: "with or without VBA code" which will make it possible to calculate the closest distance between each SITE_LTE and users and attach each Site to the closest user. Know that the number of users is greater than the sites.
Merciiiiiiii in advance.

See earlier question: Find closest value

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Thank you for translate
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Is this different from your earlier question: Find closest value? If so, how is it different? Please use the Table button to provde representative data from the worksheet(s) and/or use the Image button to add a screenshot of representative rows from the worksheet(s). Those buttons are on either side of the "Insert Code Snippet" button.

You might be interested in this article: Calculating the Distance Between Points

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