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The VBA Collection object tutorial notes there is no KeyExists method and describes that as "one of the main reasons" to prefer the Dictionary object. But the Collection object is "a default class" so it might be more convenient than the Dictionary object for a simple associative array. Is there any way to add a Collection object KeyExists method?

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Try this function, which is in the M_Support module of My Excel Toolbox:

Public Function CollectionKey_Exists(C As Collection, Key As Variant) As Boolean
' Returns True if Key exists in Collection C; else, returns False
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    C.Item Index:=Key
    CollectionKey_Exists = True
    Exit Function

    On Error GoTo 0
    CollectionKey_Exists = False

End Function


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I made some minor changes to the code in my previous answer to make it less obscure and improve error handling. Also, I discovered Chip Pearson's similar KeyExistsInCollection function, which does not work properly for a Collection of Objects.

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