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At work we have a excel template that we use to print different labels for equipment. At the moment we use another spreadsheet to track how many of each piece of equipment we print labels for.
Would it be possible that each time we hit print on the label we can have another sheet in excel that would total up the different types Of equipment for so I can present this into graphs ?
Many thanks
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If you are familiar with VBA, consider the Workbook_BeforePrint event procedure. If not, please provide more information. Where and how do you "hit print on the label"? Where do you want to "total up the different types"? Do you want to add 1 to the total each time you "hit print on the label"? Can you provide clipped screenshots illustrating representative rows and columns of your worksheet(s)?

Notice the frame for typing comment text has two rows of buttons across its top. Each button has a popup ToolTip. You can use Image > Upload to add a screenshot or Link > Upload for a file.
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Hi ,

To print we would use file then print . I would like to make a graph on a different spreadsheet . Yes I would like it to build how many of each item is printed. For example 20 bikes , 10 wheels.

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