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I am sending an email as quoted in this great article:

The problem is that the recipient of the message only sees my address and not my name (even though I'm kept in their contacts)

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That's a good observation. What if you changed ".From" to ".Sender" with your email address?
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You were right, if I add:

  .Sender = "MyEmail@gmail.com"

And I also change:

.From = "My Name"

It works great
Thank you

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How do I mark your answer as "best" ?
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Is it possible to attach an image that will serve as a link ?
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Awesome! I added an answer with the suggestions from our comments and marked it as complete. I'm glad it worked!

There's an .HTMLBody property and a believe you might be able to do something that way, though I don't think I've tried it with an image.

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To make the email display your name instead of your email address, remove your email address from .From and add the following code:

  .Sender = "YourEmail@gmail.com"
  .From = "Your Name"

I'll update the tutorial with this tip!

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