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Usually I use the evaluate formula window in some training sessions. So I need it to be bigger in size with bigger font. Is that possible to use an userform (or what is better) to show my trainers the formula steps and detail in very clear view?
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You could use the Windows Magifier tool, or third party equivalent


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I just tried to record a macro while using the Evaluate Formula window (found on the Formulas tab, in the Formula Auditing section.) Nothing was recorded, beyond my selecting a cell.

Do you create these training sessions ahead of time? If so, perhaps you could take screen shots of the formula window. If you do real-time training with unplanned formulas, you're going to need an Excel emulator, in my opinion. I'm not aware of any such product.

One of the things I love about John Michaloudis (MyExcelOnline), is his beautifully rendered gifs. Check out this one, for Index-Match. (didn't want to hot-link.)

Actually, this gives me an idea for you to try. Excel has a setting that allows you to toggle between the cell contents and the formulas! You could make the cells as large and wide as you want. The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+`


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Make use of F9 key in formula editing mode but you have to select the argument part and press F9 to see the evaluated result in formula itself.

For Example


Input the above formula in a cell
Press F2 and select the entire Substitute formula (i.e.) argument of the Len(Argument) function.
Press F9 which will result the evaluated value.

This is far more easier than the Evaluate Window

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