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Wouldn't it be awesome to map tons of macros for everything in windows and just sit back and watch it do itself?
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Exactly what sort of "control" do you want to take? What sort actions do you want to take?

General Windows maintenance can be partly done with DOS batch commands.

@ DOS Commands Alpha Order https://ss64.com/nt/


PowerShell has many more features/commands than DOS does. It can be extended (while DOS is not as flexible).  Here are some PS related links:

http://www.powershellmagazine.com/tag/powershell/ PowerShell Magazine. Approx 800 articles (very few collected here)


CMDS- Exploring the PowerShell Gallery https://mcpmag.com/articles/2015/10/15/exploring-the-powershell-gallery.aspx
Grabbing and organizing cmdlets has been made much easier in PowerShell V5.

https://www.powershellgallery.com The PowerShell Gallery is the central repository for PowerShell content. You can find new PowerShell commands or Desired State Configuration (DSC) resources in the Gallery. – 2693 unique items 2018 01 01


MS PowerShell Documentation


Get started, Features, Reference, and “community”.

Microsoft Learn
Introducing a new approach to learning the skills required to advance your career and earn your spot at the top do not come easily. Now there’s a more rewarding approach to hands-on learning that helps you achieve your goals faster.
Azure, PowerShell , Power BI, PowerApps, Flow


LEARN POWERSHELL From Basics To A Coding Star https://go.veeam.com/learn-powershell-basics-free-tutorial-course


Windows Server 2012 comes with enhanced built-in PowerShell framework, which makes it possible to perform every administrative task and remote server management by means of scripting. Everything you do with GUI can also be done as well or better with PowerShell.


For both DOS and PowerShell, you can use the Windows Task Scheduler to run scripts at automated times.

CMDS- ScheduledTasks- Using the ScheduledTasks Module to Audit Tasks in PowerShell  Continue reading.


Scheduled tasks are a great way to automate things that need to happen at a specific time or to occur a more recurring time frame. Whether it is auditing things such as services or performing an operation in the middle of the night, scheduled tasks are the way to go! It's not just user created tasks, there are many system-created tasks that run in the background that are created by the OS or by an application that might check for an update for the application.
We can look at all of the available commands in the ScheduledTasks by running the following command ... Continue reading.

JOBS- A Better PowerShell Automation Philosophy    September 15, 2015 by Jeff Hicks


Jeff Hicks walks us through several different scenarios to help us understand how IT pros can continue to automate tasks with PowerShell.

JOBS- Automate the Creation of Scheduled PowerShell Scripts


Have you ever needed to schedule a PowerShell script? While you may not need to execute the script right away, you may have a process that must be done daily, monthly or somewhere in between. Common examples include log rotation schedules, server reboots, backups, and so on. Do you schedule these scripts now? If so, you're probably scheduling them with the Windows Task Scheduler, and chances are you're doing it via the GUI.   02/18/2015

JOBS- Creating PowerShell Scheduled Jobs With The New-JobTrigger Cmdlet
May 21, 2015  by Jeff Hicks
The New-JobTrigger cmdlet in Windows PowerShell is a great way to set up scheduled jobs for better automation of daily tasks.

JOBS- Creating Repeating PowerShell Scheduled Jobs           
May 26, 2015 by Jeff Hicks


Learn how to create PowerShell Scheduled Jobs to repeat itself for a specified amount of time in this quick tutorial by Jeff Hicks.

Use the Windows Task Scheduler to run apps without UAC prompts and admin rights





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Yes, it sure would. The first thing I'd do is give myself full control over Ring 0.

Seriously, though, Excel VBA is not the best way to go (even though Ryan's Mouse to Macro is awesome!) Instead, AutoHotKey is quite approachable and can do some pretty cool things.
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thank you, will keep in mind your advice and do research <3
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Are you referring to windows administration? this is possible using winmgmt commands.  

you can also sendkeys using VBA.

However, for administration maybe it is better to use powershell.

or you can follow ParserMonster advice and use autohotkey instead.
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thank you, will keep in mind your advice and do research <3

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