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How transfer specific data from excel to another for report with VBA ?
by Expert (892 points)
Do you mean you need to copy a specific range to closed workbook? Give more details
by Beginner (12 points)
When I generate a report I need in every time the parameters of site which is available in table of data into excel it take a lot of time to copy different parameter to different sheets
by Beginner (40 points)
Not sure if you still need help. The secret to quickly moving data between workbooks is to pull the source data into an array, filter that data into a 2nd array (if necessary), and then paste the 2nd array into the destination workbook.

If you need to import 'query' specific data over and over from a huge table, then you should use the ADO method.

Let us know if you still need help, and we can give you some basic examples.

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