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Hi team,

I've installed the wellsrPro.xlam Addin following the instructions given, and I'm sure the Unblock option within the file properties has been unchecked. But after I've closed excel and opened it again the addin disappeared from the ribbon. I've re-install it again and the same thing happens! Anything I've missed out during the installation?

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Thank you very much, it now opens after i've placed the .xlam file into the XLStart folder.

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I'm glad to see you'r using wellsrPRO! There are a number of reasons the add-in might disappear after reopening Excel, most of which boil down to certain File > Options > Trust Center Settings. The easiest solution is to place the Excel add-in in your %appdata%\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART folder (if it exists), which is called each time Excel starts up. You can copy and paste the bold link into your File Explorer to navigate to the XLSTART folder.

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