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Upon opening my Excel, the following message was displayed:

"Sorry, we couldn't find C:\Users\xxxx\Downloads\wellsrPro.04\wellsrPRO.xlam. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted?"

Yes, I've moved the wellsrPRO.04 file to another location as I don't want to have it in my download folder. Please let me know how to stop the above warning everytime when I open Excel.



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To point Excel to the new location of your wellsrPRO add-in, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Excel
  2. Click "OK" on the prompt asking if it was moved, renamed or deleted
  3. Go to File > Options
  4. Click Add-ins on the left menu, 
  5. Select Go beside "Excel Add-ins" at the bottom of this screen
  6. Uncheck the box beside wellsrPRO. This will create a message saying "Cannot find add-in 'C:\Users\xxxx\Downloads\wellsrPro.04\wellsrPRO.xlam'. Delete item from list?"
  7. Select Yes
  8. Click Browse and select the Add-in in the new location
  9. Select OK

The next time you reopen Excel, it will point to the correct add-in location and the message will no longer appear. I hope this helps!

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