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I have been working on an extensive Excel gradebook system for the school I work at, and just recently figured out how to use API code to print duplex. It seemed to work perfectly, but then I noticed that on one sheet (it's different than the others) it wasn't working. I started to troubleshoot, and realized that if I hadn't printed from that sheet since opening the file, then it wouldn't take my request to print duplex or simplex but instead it would print the previous printer setting from whatever job I had just printed (duplex or simplex). But after printing once, the code works perfectly. So I'm still trying to troublshoot to identify the exact scenario or to see if it is a code issue (but since it does work after printing the first time I don't think it's a coding issue). Does anyone know if there is an issue with the printing API and Excel? Are there any thoughts I could try to get around this problem? i am open to suggestions. If necessary I can create a file of fake data to demonstrate, but I'm not sure how I would upload it here. I posed this question also on Excelforum.com but had no responses.
by Beginner (35 points)
After various tests, I did determine that the issue was my computer. It works perfectly with another computer. Anyone have any thoughts?

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