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myfile = Application.GetOpenFilename(, , "Browse for workbook")
Workbooks.Open myfile

myfile = Application.GetOpenFilename(, , "Browse for workbook")
Workbooks.Open myfile

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What's the problem? It is supposed that the workbook you will open will be the active workbook ...
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yes...the workbook which I open should be the active workbook..i need the code snippet for that..because I will be receiving the data every single day

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Try this code

Sub Test()
    Dim filename As Variant

    filename = Application.GetOpenFilename("Workbooks,*.xlsx,Templates,*.xltx," & _
                                           "Macro-Enabled Workbooks,*.xlsm,Macro-Enabled Templates,*.xltm," & _
                                           "Binary Workbooks,*.xlsb,Excel 97-2003 Workbooks,*.xls," & _
                                           "Excel 97-2003 Templates,*.xlt", 3, "Select File")

    If filename = False Then
        MsgBox "File Not Selected", vbExclamation
        Workbooks.Open filename
    End If
End Sub


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thank you..how to apply vlook up for two different excel sheets without using macros and the code should be in vba
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You're welcome. I didn't get what you mean!
by Beginner (5 points)
i need to apply the vlook up formula for two different excel sheets
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I suggest posting new thread and put the full details of what you are seeking to .. Put snapshots to your file and put the expected final output

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