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hi all, I have a list of 40 files as patch (*.prz) and need to upgrade these for every new computer. The procedure for upgrading requires I copy a patch upgrade from source folderA (C:\) to folderB (E:\), then I run the update from my application. When the upgrade is finished, the folderB is empty and the next patch is pasted in and run. It must do one by one and I hope VBA can help me in this case. I'm thinking of using Microsoft Runtime Scripting and FSO but not sure. Thanks for all the help.

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It sounds like you'll need to use a combination of the VBA FSO CopyFile method to copy the files from folderA to folderB and a VBA Shell script to run your upgrade application. You'll also need to loop through the files in a folder with VBA.

Your macro will need to behave something like this:

  1. Loop through your list of .prz files. To do this, you'll need to know where your list of prz files is located.
  2. Use the FSO CopyFile method to copy them from folderA to folderB
  3. Use a VBA Shell script to launch whatever application you need to upgrade the prz files
Without more detail, I can't provide a specific answer, but these references should help you tackle your problem.
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Dear Mr Wells,

 I'm very glad when get your answer, It is exactly what I want to do with my job. I'm still a newbie on VBA, all i've known is with VBA, i can do anything i want and creat anything what I think, after i visited your website. You're my idol heart, I've spend few days ago for read your post VBA tutorial on your website,and they help me very much for improved my knowledge. Thanks you very much.

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I'm really glad you're enjoying the site and are finding it helpful! :-) You really can do so much with VBA.

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