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Userform to maintain Excel table by ComboBox

Want to use this and VBA to edit, add and delete records


What are issues?

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The logic for controlling the table data addition, deletion and editing can get complex since there can be so many options, but it's certainly possible. As a matter of fact, I've made a couple spreadsheets like this over the years where data entry and maintenance are entirely controlled by UserForm fields.

There aren't really any unique issues to worry about. The only downside is the data entry will be slower since the user will have to navigate the UserForm fields. To maintain the integrity of the sheets, you'll need to remember to unprotect them at the start of your macros and protect them again at the end. You'll also need to remember to protect them in any error handling routines you have in your macro so they don't accidentally get left unprotected if the user encounters a runtime error.

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