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I have a file that gives me forcasted stock position per month. This is based on a lead time vs my forecast

So for example a supplier has a lead time of 4 months, so i need to know if in the next 4 months if i will go into a negative stock position. After that it does not matter as the sytem will generte an order.

This would be easy but differant suppliers have differant lead times, so i would like to create a macro that highlights a negative cell based on a lead time. I have the lead time in a cell and have coverted this into a month value . I can then put this into my day end so when the planners arrive they can focus on the parts that will run out rather than all parts from a supplier.
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Can you upload some screenshots of what you're looking for?
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Sorry for the late reply. Have been away


Below is what i am looking to do. I need to know if we will run out of stock before the next shipment is due. I have this information but would like to highlight this as it will be a more visual and focus the planner 


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use conditional format.

select all cells in the leadtime. create new format condtition. select "use formula to determine which cells to format".

on the Rules:

[firstcell in forecast] - [first cell in lead time] < 0
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Hi Thanks for the reply but my lead time is a month figure and not a monthy demand, so your formula does not work as i have to take into account projected reciepts

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