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Hope someone can help me with this.

I have a workbook with 3 sheets.

One is a sheet where I fill in some information about a project, sheet is called Info

The other 2 sheets are kind of templets and named, Dag vs. 12.1-Styrd Borrning.

These sheets are normally hidden and parts of them are locked with password.

On the Info sheet I have 2 buttons and I want to attach a macro to each one of them.

As example:

It should unhide the template sheet 12.1-Styrd Borrning, unlock  the password, copy the sheet, place it to the right side of the Info tab (that is always as number 4), name the new tab as 12.1-Styrd Borrning 1, lock the password, hide the template sheet again.

Next time I press my button (activate the macro) it should give me a new sheet again, placed as number 4 but this time named 12.1-Styrd Borrning 2, and so on..

On the Info sheet next to the button I also have a box in O14:V14 that should show the number of pages I have of 12.1-Styrd Borrning in the workbook.

Much appreciated if someone could find a few minutes to help me solve this.
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Can you attach a copy of your file so we don't have to try to recreate it?

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I had to do this exact same thing for a file of mine. Here's the general code.

Sub PutNewSheet

    Dim ShtName as string

    ShtName = "12.1-Styrd Borrning " & (Worksheets.count - 2)

    Worksheets("12.1-Styrd Borrning").Copy After:=Worksheets(3)
    Worksheets("12.1-Styrd Borrning (2)").Name = ShtName
    Worksheets(ShtName).Visible = xlSheetVisible

    Worksheets("Info").TextBox1.Caption = (Worksheets.count - 3) & " Copies of 12.1-Styrd Borrning"

End Sub

You don't have to unhide or unlock the sheet to makea  copy of it. Adjust the code as needed (incase the index numbers are off). But you should get the idea.

Then for the box, since I'm not sure what you mean by the box, you'll need something like the last line, but  it'll be something like "TextBox1" or "Label1" if you used ActiveX controls (which are all I use). If you use Form controls I'm not as sure about those.

Hope this helps!

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