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Dear VBA Lovers,

I wrote a code to prevent Excel file to open. It prompts for a password, but when I write the password it shows what I am typing. I need the "*" sign instead of character.

Here is the code:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim Password As String
Password = InputBox("Enter Password To Start Excel")
If Password = "Admin" Then
MsgBox "Wrong Credential Closing Excel"
End If
End Sub

Thanks & Regards,

Alok Ghosh

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A developer by the name of Daniel Klann made a custom InputBox years ago that automatically masks the passwords with asterisks. This custom InputBox does exactly what you want. Take a look at this tutorial for implementation instructions: Mask your Password with this VBA InputBox.

Here's a screenshot showing how the InputBox looks:

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Open your file in Excel. Press F12. In the Save As dialog, click Tools (next to Save) then General Options.... Assign your password(s). Save the file. Delete your Workbook_Open code. See this article.

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Don't use an Inputbox. Instead you'll need to create a userform with a textbox and probably 2 control buttons (ok and cancel) in it. After you put the textbox into the userform, right click on it and select properties. Then in the PasswordChar property type * so that when the user types in the textbox they will see only * but the textbox should save the actually password in it. I'm not at a computer right now so if you need more details for the macro and userform let me know and I can get to it tomorrow after I'm home.

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