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I have tried several times to update wellsrPRO to a later version. every time the ruler stops halfway and does not move anymore.

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I just resent an email to you with details about manually installing version 1.1.3. Because of some changes to Windows, I had to modify the wellsrPRO architecture in July and this required a manual update. For subscribers not running version 1.1.3 or later, please check your inbox for an email from me with a subject "New Version of wellsrPRO: Action Required." The email was originally sent on 7/11/19.

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God bless you Mr. Ryan

Thanks a lot for awesome contributions.

** Question about the addon protection: Someone told me that he can crack it. Is that right? I thought the protection with a third-party software will prevent those attempts..!!
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No problem at all! :-) I'd be very curious to hear if it's crackable. I'm sure no protection is immune to 100% of cracking attempts, but Unviewable+ is certainly close. Let me know if you come across evidence of this and I'll feed it back to the developer!

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I tried to do the update day before yesterday.  Same result.  I sent an email about the problem, but have gotten no response.  Also, checked for the 7/11/19 email and I don't have it.  How do I get the update to apply?
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Thank you for reaching out here. I got your wellsrPRO feedback notification on 9/12 and attempted to respond but the email address was invalid and I got a failure-to-deliver notification. I've now responded to the email address linked to your account here so you should be good to go. I also gave instructions on how to ensure you receive our wellsrPRO version update emails going forward. I hope this helps! Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

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