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I've received the WellsrPro addin update but it's can't import macros on one of my computers. I tried it on another laptop and it works. With my PC, the error i get is in the screenshot below. Thanks for your help.

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To help me troubleshoot, what version of Excel are you running? What version of Windows are you using? I can see it's not likely a connection issue because the list of articles is printed fine in the dropdown menu on the ribbon, so I suspect it's something specific to your PCs configuration.
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Dear Mr Wells

Thank you very much for your quick response to my problem. I'm using the Excel 2013 64 bit version for Window 7. If you need to intervene in the configuration, you can give me advice where I need to do, if you need to give me more information, please tell me. I copied the wellsrPRO. xlam file to several folders in My computer but encountered this error (XLSTART, My Document, Other Folder.....). Thank you
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Hmm that's a pretty standard setup so I'm a bit confused about why it would happen. Does the error appear the moment you click the "import macros" button on the ribbon?

What version of Excel and what operating system were you using on the laptop? Were you connected to the same internet connection on both devices?

ATTENTION: If anyone else is running Excel 2013 64-bit with Windows 7, I'd love to hear some feedback on whether or not wellsrPRO works for you.

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Link to view screen pictures


I also confused,too. When saw add in working good on my laptop. The laptop was installed Excel 2013 32 bit and window 7. Here some more info about my problem

3 Msgbox Notification appear as pic1,pic2,pic3

It auto launch open 2 file excel with name are readme.txt and update.vbs as pic5.  

Error when i click to TrustEnabledAccess as pic 4, I tried to disable trust but it's seem not allowed as pic6

and error when i click Import Marco as this picture below

My window i'm using is Window 7, Excel Office 15 (64bit) like picture below:

Thanks for your help!

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